FR-8x Dallapè System Update Version 2.01

This system program updates your FR-8x Dallapè to the latest version 2.01.

How to know the version
Please check the version of the system working on your FR-8xd before downloading the archive file.
  1. When you turn the power on, the system software version is shown in the Display.
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Version history
[ Ver.2.01 ]
[Bug Fixes]
The following bugs were fixed.
  • After User Program List selection, User Program Bank scrolling does not function correctly.
  • When Highland or Zanpogna is selected for the Orchestra 1 part, the master bar does not change to accordion sound.
  • When Highland or Zanpogna is selected for the Orchestra 2 part, sound sometimes plays continuously.
[New functions / Functionality Improvements]
  • Support was added for the ONKYO UWF-1 Wireless USB Network Adapter.
For more information on other new functions and functionality improvements, refer to "FR-8x Version 2.01 Changes & Improvements" in the Owner's Manual (FR-8X_v201_e01_W.pdf).

[ Ver.2.00 ]
Please refer to the "FR-8X Version 2.0 Changes & Improvements ( FR-8X_v2_e02_W.pdf )" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].
[ Ver.1.07 ]
[New functions]
  • Added option to set Speakers On with phones connected.
  • User Program number in save window now is the same as the latest User Program selected.
  • The temporary windows have been shortened.
  • Added Audio Boost parameter to raise up general volume.
  • Added WAV/MP3 level parameter.
  • Audio loops shorter than half second are no more recorded.
[Bug Fixes]
  • Orchestral Bass and Orchestral Chord lowest notes are influenced by transpose in a strange way.
  • Organ notes are sent via MIDI with a wrong octave.
  • FC-300 pedal board is not working after an "Import All Sets" procedure.
  • Wrong notes when the BassToTreble function is activated and an accordion register is selected.
  • "Hardware error" message during battery pack charge:
    • Charge the battery pack.
    • When the battery pack is completely charged ([CHARGE] button lights green), start charging the battery again, without powering the V-Accordion off.
[ Ver.1.06 ]
[New functions]
  • Improved default set data.
  • Code optimized for faster execution in User Program mode.
[Bug Fixes]
  • Fixed battery updater problem when the battery reaches a temperature too high.
  • Fixed hung up when Bass to Treble mode is activated while bass note is playing.
  • Fixed musette detune variation not working at power on.
  • Fixed registers 13 and 14 not changing via MIDI.
  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

Items to prepare for the update
Following items are required to perform the update.
  • FR-8xd itself
  • USB Flash Memory ( Roland's M-UF2G is recommended )
    * The USB Flash Memory need to be formatted on a PC.
  • A computer with a USB connector ( Windows, Mac )

Cautions with the update
  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the FR-8xd. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your FR-8xd while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the FR-8xd won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

How to update

  1. Expand the downloaded file "" on your computer to get the following content ( 8 files ).
    fr8xd_sys_v201 folder
    - DALLAPE.bin
    - PICUPD819.MID
    - release.txt
    - rom.bin
    - romsum.txt
    - startup
    - update
  2. First delete all existing files from the USB memory then copy the above content ( 8 files) to the USB memory's root folder.
  3. After verifying that the FR-8xd power is off, plug the USB memory into the FR-8X USB MEMORY port.
  4. Turn the power on while keeping and holding the [MENU/WRITE] buttons pressed until the message "Update Mode:" will appear on the display.
    When updating is successfully completed, the "SUCCESS" message will appear on the display. Turn the FR-8xd power off and unplug the USB memory.
    Note: The update procedure takes about 5 minutes.
  5. Expand the downloaded file "" on your computer to get the following content ( 7 files ).
    - FR8X_SUB.bin
    - FR8X_SUB.MID
    - FR8X_SUB_SUM_ALL100A.txt
    - release.txt
    - startup
    - update
  6. Copy the content of the unzipped file to the root of an empty USB memory.
  7. Plug the mentioned USB memory in a switched off FR-8xd.
  8. Turn the power on while keeping and holding the [MENU/WRITE] button pressed until the following message will appear on the display:
    Boot program v 1.00
    Update Mode
    Loading .....

    The software upload starts and the blue LEDs of the panel will light.
    Note: The update procedure takes about 5 minutes.

    During the update procedure you must not:
    a. switch off the FR-8xd
    b. disconnect the USB Memory
  9. When updating is successfully completed, all the blue LEDs switch on steadily.
  10. Turn the FR-8xd power off and unplug the USB memory.


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