JUPITER-50 System Update Ver.1.11

This is the latest version of operating system for the JUPITER-50.

How to tell the version
Please check the version of the system working on your JUPITER-50 before downloading the archive file.
  1. Press the [ MENU ] button.
    The [ MENU ] button will light, and the Menu screen will appear.
  2. Press the [ F3 ] ( System ) button.
    The System screen will appear.
  3. Press the [ F3 ] ( INFO ) button.
    The INFO screen will appear.
  4. Press the [ F1 ] ( VERSION ) button.
    The version information screen appears.
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Version history
[ Ver.1.11 ]
[ Additional function ]
  • Support was added for the ONKYO UWF-1 Wireless USB Network Adapter.
[ Bug Fix ]
The following bug was fixed.
  • Playing Note Number 109 or higher in the SuperNATURAL Piano tones sometimes results in system lockup.
  • Using a shortcut to go to the Reverb screen while the current part is at Lower results in a system lockup.
[ Ver.1.10 ]
[ Additional function ]
  • Available for Roland Wireless Connect ( WNA1100-RL ).
    Please refer to the "About the Wireless LAN Function ( JUPITER-50_l_wireless_e01_W.pdf )" for detailed information.

Items to prepare for the update
Following items are required to perform the update.
  • JUPITER-50 itself
  • PC to write the updater to the USB Flash Memory
  • USB Flash Memory ( Roland's M-UF2G is recommended )
    * The USB Flash Memory need to be formatted on a JUPITER-50.

Cautions with the update
  • We recommend that you save your data to a USB Flash Memory before you perform the update. If a problem occurs and your data is lost, you will be able to restore the original state by reloading the data you saved. For details on the procedure, refer to the following sections of the "Backing Up All Settings" of the Owner's Manual.
  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the JUPITER-50. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your JUPITER-50 while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the JUPITER-50 won’t be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

How to download and expand the archive file
Download the file named "".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, the folder "jp50_sys_v111" holding the file "jp50_up.bin" will be appeared.

How to update
Please install the system program " jp50_up.bin " to the JUPITER-50 by following the process below.

Important notice: Never turn the JUPITER-50 off during the update process, or JUPITER-50 won't reboot correctly any more.

  1. Copy the update-use file ( jp50_up.bin ) to the root directory of the USB Flash Memory.
  2. Make sure the unit's power is switched off, then connect the USB Flash Memory device to the USB MEMORY connector at the left edge of the Top Panel.
  3. Hold down the [ TEMPO ] button and switch on the power.
  4. When the message "start update" appears, release the button.
    The update starts.
    * The update process takes several minutes to finish. Be sure never to switch off the power before the operation finishes.
  5. When the message "update finished." is displayed, the operation has finished. (You will take about 3 minutes to update.)
  6. Switch off the power.
  7. Detach the USB Flash Memory, then switch on the power to the unit and verify that the version has been updated.


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