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Roland - Dukungan - - Updates & Drivers - M-480 System Update Ver.1.610

M-480 System Update Ver.1.610

This is the software to make your M-480 up-to-date.

How to tell the version
Please check the version of the system working on your M-480 before downloading the archive file.
  1. Press [ SYSTEM ] to invoke the system screen.
  2. INFORMATION at the left in the display indicates the versions of your unit.
    • System Version : System firmware version
    • Panel Version : Panel firmware version
    • Fader Version : Fader firmware version
* Don't perform the update if the product is already up-to-date.

Version history
[ Ver.1.610 ] MAY 2016
Bug Fixes
Following bugs were fixed.
  • When loading an M-48 project created on the S-4000 RCS, parameters were not re-created correctly.
  • When the values of TIME x 2 or EXP A or EXP B for effect SDE-3000 x 2 were changed, the value of Delay Time on the M-480 differed from the Delay Time value in RCS.
  • Scene Store or Recall operations failed to synchronize with the other M-480 during a cascade connection.
Functionality Improvements
  • The order of the FX LIBRARY (effect library) display was changed.
  • New library data (St.REVERB) was added to the effect library.
  • Support for S-2416, M-5000, and M-5000C icon view was added to the PATCHBAY and REAC screens.

[ Ver.1.602 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs were fixed.
  • REAC disconnection might occur intermittently fairly infrequently.
  • The following bugs relevant to Wireless LAN function were fixed.
    - A change in Ad-Hoc CH was not reflected immediately.
    - When a wireless LAN base unit detected from M-480 disappeared, M-480 was not able to be connected with any wireless LAN units.
Functionality Added
  • Added the following functions for the RS-232C control.
    Please refer to the "V-Mixer RS-232C Reference version 2.1 ( V-Mixer_RS-232C_v21_e01.pdf )" for detailed information.
    • Control command
      - USB memory recorder transport
      - USB memory recorder locate
      - Song select
    • Request command
      - USB memory recorder status request
      - USB memory recorder current position request
      - Song number request
      - Song name request
      - Recording remain time request
  • DCA group operation via MIDI control change message has been added.
    Please refer to "M-480 MIDI Implementation ( M-480_MIDI_e02.pdf ) " for detailed information.

[ Ver.1.601 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs are fixed.
  • When you loaded a project file, some settings of the effect were reproduced incorrectly.
  • When you performed the Factory Initialize function in SYSTEM CONFIG screen, Ad-Hoc Key might be displayed incorrectly.

[ Ver.1.600 ]
Functionality Added
  • Available for Roland Wireless Connect ( WNA1100-RL ).
    This enables the M-480 to receive remote control from the dedicated iPad application (M-480 Remote).
    For more information, refer to "Functionality Added in M-480 Ver.1.6 ( M-480_ver16_add_e01.pdf )."
  • The user settings below have been newly added.
    • Always Boot in GUEST Mode
    • Prohibit Specified Operations
    For more information, refer to "Functionality Added in M-480 Ver.1.6 ( M-480_ver16_add_e01.pdf )."
  • Added the following functions for the RS-232C control.
    • Control command
      - Monitor dimmer on/off
    • Request command
      - Monitor dimmer request
    Please refer to the "V-Mixer RS-232C Reference version 1.9 ( V-Mixer_RS-232C_v19_e01.pdf )" for detailed information.

[ Ver.1.503 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs are fixed.
  • A noise mixed rarely to a sound on the specified input channel.
  • When M-480 in the following conditions was connected with R-1000, recalling a scene memory caused the REAC connection to interrupt for a moment.
    M-480's REAC A port was connected with R-1000's REAC C or D port.
  • M-480 could not display correctly group names of an M-48 designated as the Engineer's Monitor unit.
  • When the Effect Type was set to DUAL GEQ and the GEQ B was set to 8-BAND PEQ, the Frequency settings could not be changed.
  • When the Effect Type was set to MASTERING, frequency values available for EQ were different between the "EQ/Enhancer" and channel EQs.

[ Ver.1.501 ]
* Please refer to the "M-480 Version 1.5 Owner's Manual Addendum"(M-480_Ver1.5_e01.pdf) file for details.
Additional Functions
  • New functionality has been added to scene memory.
    • Fade function
    • Detailed settings for the Recall Filter function
  • The following effects have been add to the effect types.
    • CE-1
    • DD-3 x 2
    • DM-3 x 2
    • DIST x 2
  • The delay time of each delay for the respective channels and monitors can be set at a maximum of 1.2 seconds.
  • New functionality has been added to DCA groups.
    • DCA groups 9 to 24 added
    • CHANNEL DISPLAY screen added for DCA groups
  • New functionality has been added for monitoring.
    • Dimmer function
    • Prohibition of operation from the LEVEL knobs in the top panel's MONITOR section
  • Other new functionality
    • LO SHELF 2 (LSV2) and HI SHELF 2 (HSV2) have been added to the 4-band EQ types for each channel.
    • Delay time can be set in sample units.
    • A function has been added to exclusively switch off sends to MAIN L/R or to MAIN C when sends to MAIN L/R and MAIN C are on.
    • Functions that can be assigned to user buttons have been added.
    • A function has been added that automatically applies the channel names on the M-480 to the track names on the R-1000 when an R-1000 48-track recorder/player is connected and the M-480 is used as a recording source.
    • The following RS-232C commands have been added.
      For more information, refer to "V-Mixer RS-232C Reference"(V-Mixer_RS-232C_v18_e02.pdf).
Function Improvement
  • Improved the fader touch sensitivity.

[ Ver.1.100 ]
Additional Function
  • Added the function to control an R-1000 remotely.
    * Please refer to the "R-1000 Remote Control Guide"(V-Mixer_R-1000_control_e01.pdf) file for details.

[ Ver.1.003 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs are fixed.
  • When you set the "REAC SETUP" to the "MONITOR/BROADCAST" mode, REAC interface might not work correctly.

[ Ver.1.002 ]
Bug Fixes
The following bugs are fixed.
  • When loading a project file of V-Mixer M-400, M-380 and M-300, some parameters in the project weren't reproduced.
  • When turning on/off the Phantom Power switch of the "TALKBACK MIC IN" connector,  the volume of the TALKBACK has turned up temporarily.
Function Improvements
  • Changed the specification on the "FX DESTINATION SELECT" popup as below, which is the same as M-400/380.
    • Previous versions: You could select multiple output-destinations.
    • From this version: You can select only one output-destination.
  • Changed the initial value of the "SENDS ON FADER MASTER" to "OFF" in User Preference.
  • The Auto MDI/MDI-X function has been added.
    This function automatically detects the type of the connected Ethernet cable (Crossover or Straight) and configures the connection appropriately.
    * Refer to the "Functionality added in M-480 version 1.002" (M-480_v1002Added_e01.pdf) for details.

Items to prepare for the update
Following items are required to perform the update.
  • M-480 itself
  • PC to write the updater to the USB memory key
  • USB memory key

How to download and expand the archive file
Download the file named "m480_sys_v1610.zip".
It is an archive file in zip format, please double click on the file to expand. After expanding the file, the folder "m480_sys_v1610" holding the file "M-480.PRG" will be appeared.

How to update
Please install the system program " M-480.PRG" to the M-480 by following the process below.
Important notice: Never turn the M-480 off during the update process, or M-480 won't reboot correctly any more.

  1. Put the "M-480.PRG" at the root folder of the USB memory key.
  2. Reboot the M-480 then insert the USB memory key to USB connector.
  3. Press [ SYSTEM ] to invoke the SYSTEM screen.
  4. Press [ F7 (SYSTEM UPDATE) ].

    Are you sure you want to update?

    Confirmation message will be displayed.
  5. Press [ F8 (SYSTEM UPDATE) ] to start the update process.

    Now Processing...

  6. At the end of the process, the message "Update complete. Please Reboot." will be appeared.

    Update competed.
    Please Reboot.
    Now, reboot the M-480 and check the version.


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