MC-303: Part Transpose

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The MC-303 allows you to transpose the pitch of note data recorded in a user
pattern. Transposition can be changed + or - 2 octaves in semitone steps.
Follow this procedure to transpose one or more parts in a pattern:

1) Press PLAY MODE so that PATTERN is lit.
2) With the VALUE dial, select the user pattern you wish to modify.
3) Hold down SHIFT and FUNC, and press keyboard pad #6.
4) Using the PART buttons, select the part(s) you wish to transpose.
5) Rotate the VALUE dial to display the amount of transposition (with a
setting of 0, there is no transposition).
6) Press ENTER.
7) Press ENTER again to complete the operation.

NOTE: Following step 5, you may specify a single note or a range of notes to be
transposed. Press a keyboard pad to select a single note. If you press two keys
simultaneously, all note messages between and including those two notes will be
transposed. If you do not press a keyboard pad, all note messages will be


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