MC-303: Deleting a Pattern

Tags: mc-303
Use the following procedure to delete an entire User Pattern:

1) Press PLAY MODE so PATTERN is lit.
2) Use the SELECT < / > buttons so PTN/SONG is lit.
3) Use the VALUE dial to select the User Pattern to be deleted.

NOTE: Preset and Variation Patterns are permanently in memory and cannot be
deleted (Variation Patterns can be re-written).

4) While holding FUNC and SHIFT, press keyboard pad #4.
5) Press all the Part buttons [R, 1-7] so they are lit.
6) Press ENTER.
7) Use the VALUE dial to display "1" under CURRENT.
8) Press ENTER.
9) Use the VALUE dial to display "ALL" under NEXT.
10) Press ENTER to display "Sure."
11) Press ENTER again to complete the operation.


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