Mc-303: Saving Data to an External MIDI Device (Bulk Dump)

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The MC-303 will transmit User pattern, Song, RPS SET, and Pattern SET data to
an external MIDI sequencer. Use the following procedure:

1) Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of the MC-303 to the MIDI IN of the
2) Press STOP to stop playback.
3) Hold down SHIFT and FUNC and press SYSTEM (keyboard pad 16) to access the
Bulk Dump execute display. (S E>n d will appear in the display).
4) Put the external sequencer into record.
5) Press ENTER on the MC-303. To stop data transmission, press STOP or EXIT.
6) Momentarily, the following display will appear (n E>H t) and data
transmission will pause.
7) Immediately press ENTER.

Note: A Bulk Dump is divided into several small "packets". Therefore, once a
packet has been transmitted, it is necessary to repeat steps 6 and 7 until the
display reads: Con>PLt. This display signifies that all packets have been
successfully transmitted.


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