MC-303: Playing Patterns into an External Sequencer

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Use the following procedure to "export" any pattern from the MC-303 into
another hardware or computer-based sequencer for further editing:

1) Connect a MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT of the MC-303 to the MIDI IN of your
2) Hold SHIFT and press OUT ASSIGN (button 14). Press each PART button and
turn the VALUE dial to select EXT. This procedure will assign each track to an
external MIDI device.
3) Hold SHIFT and press SYSTEM (button 16). Press SELECT > three times to get
to the System 1 window (SY1). Dial Internal (int). This procedure will set the
MC-303 Sync Mode to Internal Clock.
4) Press SELECT > once to get to the System 2 window (SY2) then use the VALUE
dial to select On (on) to have the MC-303 transmit MIDI clock data.
5) Set external sequencer’s Sync Mode to MIDI (or External or Slave, etc.),
press RECORD on the external sequencer, then Start MC-303. (You will not hear
anything during this recording.) After you have recorded the pattern, you must
enter program change and bank select messages into the external sequencer.
Refer to Program Change and Bank Select Messages.
6) For playback, put the MC-303 into Sound Module Mode by powering on while
holding the white PLAY MODE button.

The external sequencer can now play the MC-303 Tones. The MIDI Channels of the
MC-303 parts are set as follows:

Part 1 Ch 1
Part 2 Ch 2
Part 3 Ch 3
Part 4 Ch 4
Part 5 Ch 5
Part 6 Ch 6
Part 7 Ch 7
Part R Ch 10

(If you want to transmit an entire SONG, you must repeat the above steps for
each individual PATTERN which is used in the SONG.)


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