MC-303: Variation Pattern Creating

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The MC-303 can store the mute status for each Part and Rhythm Part of a Preset
Pattern or a User Pattern in a Variation Pattern. Since Variation Patterns
contain only Part Mute/Rhythm Mute settings and the Bank and Number of the
source pattern, they occupy much less memory than User Patterns. This permits
more efficient use the internal memory of the MC-303. Use the following
procedure to create a Variation Pattern:

1) Select the Preset or User pattern that you wish to register as a Variation
2) Press PART MUTE.
3) Use the PART buttons [R,1-7] to mute the desired Parts.
5) Use the PART buttons [R,1-7] to mute the desired Rhythm Parts.
6) While pressing SHIFT and FUNC, press keyboard pad #13.
7) Rotate the VALUE dial to display the desired Bank and Number of the
destination Variation Pattern.

NOTE: Banks L through Q are used to store Variation Patterns.

8) Press ENTER twice.

NOTE: If you subsequently modify the source pattern on which a Variation
Pattern is based, the Variation Pattern will reflect those changes.


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