MC-303: Recording a Pattern in Realtime

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The MC-303 has eight internal Parts including a Rhythm Part that can be
recorded making up a Pattern. Use the following procedure to record a Pattern
in realtime:

1) Select a USER pattern (u01-u50). See Playing patterns on the MC-303.
2) Press REC (The indicator will blink).
3) Set the six recording parameters: Metronome, Beat (bEt), Pattern Length
(LGH), Count-In (Cnt), Loop Rest (LoP), and Patch/Drum Set by using the SELECT
CURSOR buttons to "select" the parameter and the VALUE dial to "set" the
4) Press the desired PART button (R, 1-7) to record.
5) Press PLAY. Recording will begin after the selected count-in measure(s).
6) Press STOP when finished.

NOTE: While recording, you can erase previously played data by holding SHIFT
and press TRANSPOSE/ERASE to enter Erase Mode (ErS). Hold the Keyboard Pad
that corresponds to the note/instrument that you wish to erase (or hold REC to
erase all notes/instruments).


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