MC-303: Using the Arpeggiator

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The MC-303 has an ARPEGGIO feature with 34 different styles. To access the
ARPEGGIO, follow these steps:

1) Make sure the PTN SET and RPS SET indicators are not lit.
2) Press PART SELECT so its indicator is lit.
3) Press one of the PART buttons (1-7).
4) Press ARPEGGIO ON so its indicator is lit.
5) Play chords on the keyboard pads.
6) Adjust the emphasis of the arpeggio by rotating the ACCENT RATE knob.
7) Hold SHIFT and press the ARPEGGIO (keyboard pad button 1) to display the
current Arpeggio Style.
8) Rotate the VALUE dial to select a different style.

To adjust the OCTAVE RANGE of the ARPEGGIATOR.

1) Press the FUNCTION button.
2) Rotate the ACCENT RATE knob.


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