Loading / Sending System Exclusive Data Into External MIDI Devices

Tags: mc-50, mc-50mkii, mc-300, mc-500
With most MIDI devices, it is possible to send patch data via MIDI system
exclusive messages. By transmitting system exclusive data to your MIDI device,
you can easily restore patch data and other performance settings. Use the
following procedure to prepare the Micro Composer to transmit system exclusive
data to your sound module, keyboard or other MIDI device:

1) Boot up an MC-300 or MC-500/500MKII with Super MRC (if you are using an
MC-50/50MKII, just turn it on).
2) Insert the Super MRC data disk into the sequencer’s disk drive.
3) Hold SHIFT and press MODE.
4) Rotate the ALPHA-DIAL to select "2 / DISK."
5) Press ENTER.
6) Press ENTER and the sequencer will display, "LOAD SONG FROM DISK / SELECT
SONG>1 . . . "
7) Press ENTER.
8) Use the ALPHA-DIAL to select the desired file.
9) Press ENTER.
10) Press LOAD.
11) After the file is done loading, hold SHIFT and press MODE.
12) Press STOP.
13) Connect a MIDI cable from MIDI Out 2 (on the back of the Micro Composer)
to the MIDI In of the MIDI device that you intend to load the system exclusive
data into.
14) Set up the receiving unit to receive system exclusive data, then press
PLAY on the MC sequencer.

NOTE: If you have followed the instructions completely, your MIDI sound module
or MIDI effects processors will be reprogrammed with new data.


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