MC-303: Pattern Length - Creating a Pattern that is Less than 4 Measures in Length

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The MC-303 defaults to a pattern length of 4 measures. To create a pattern
shorter than 4 measures, it is necessary to delete the pattern first. Use the
following procedure to delete a pattern:

1) Select the desired User pattern (Preset patterns can not be deleted).
2) Hold SHIFT and FUNCTION and press the note key numbered "4."
3) Press the PART SELECT buttons (1-7 and R) so they are lit solid (not
4) Press ENTER.
5) Press the RIGHT SELECT button so that the "NEXT" parameter starts to
6) Use the VALUE dial to select "ALL" and press ENTER. "SUrE" will be
7) Press ENTER to delete the pattern

Use the following procedure to set the pattern length:

1) Press REC.
2) Press the RIGHT SELECT button until "LGH" is displayed.
3) Use the VALUE dial to select the desired pattern length (1-32).
4) Use the SELECT buttons and VALUE dial to adjust any additional recording
parameters as desired.
5) Press PLAY to begin recording.

NOTE: A deleted pattern is different than an erased pattern. Deleted patterns
do not contain any note or pattern setup data and are represented by a
lowercase "u." An erased pattern does not contain note data but does contain
pattern setup information (such as pattern length) and is represented by an
uppercase "U."


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