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Customize your CUBE-10GX and enjoy your favorite amp sound!

Using the CUBE KIT you can change the CUBE-10GX presets on the CLEAN, CRUNCH and LEAD channels. 10 amp types are available such as combo amp or stack amp and also specific models for acoustics and bass guitars too.


This is a model of Roland's JC-120 Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier. This famous amp has become a classic due to its smooth clean tone with clear and transparent high-end derived from its solid state design. This amp is ideal for creating tones in combination with effect pedals due to its wide range and flat response. *Preset CLEAN.


This is a model of the classic Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. It's representative of Fender amp tone and used in a wide range of musical styles, from country to blues, jazz, and rock. It features rich lows, a characteristic bright smooth high end. Clean and fat classic Fender tone.


This is a model of the VOX AC-30TB. This is the rock amplifier that created the Liverpool sound of the 1960s. It can produce a broad range of sounds, from transparent clean to overdrive tone with unique attack.


This is a model of the vintage Fender Tweed Bassman 4 × 10" Combo. It produces a clear mid to upper range with a fat low end, and its unique crunch tones with rubbery distortion have earned it a loyal following among blues and rock guitarists.


This is a model of the dirty channel of an ORANGE ROCKERVERB. It combines textured gritty high end and a warm crunch sound. It is commonly used for Punk and Metal because even when very distorted, it never loses the mid-low end body.


This is a model of the features of a Marshall JMP 1987. Used extensively in hard rock in the 1970s, this is truly the perfect amp for the “classic rock” guitar sound. *Preset CRUNCH


This is a model of the Peavey EVH 5150. This is a high-gain amp which has great picking response and reacts to every single note of shredding phrases whilst still representing delicate picking nuance. Heavy distortion and sustain even is available even at low volumes.


This is a model of the Mesa/Boogie Rectifier. This is a super high-gain amp. It has a powerful and widely used distortion sound. It’s capable of producing a wide range of lead sounds for heavier styles of metal and grunge etc. *Preset LEAD

For Acoustic Guitar

This is an original amp for acoustic guitar. It vividly expresses the rich overtone (acoustic resonance, etc.) of acoustic instruments.

For Bass

This is an original amp for BASS. Though small in size, CUBE-10GX has powerful low end output with its closed-back cabinet.

Compatible with
iOS 6.0 or later
Compatible with
Android 4.0.3 or later
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