JUNO-X Editor


JUNO-X Editor

Graphical Editor/Librarian Software for JUNO-X

JUNO-X menggabungkan sound klasik Roland dengan penggunaan hands-on yang terinspirasi dari synths JUNO yang legendaris dari tahun 1980an. Software JUNO-X Editor gratis ini memperluas alur kerja ke dalam komputer Mac atau Windows anda, menawarkan tampilan grafis yang intuitif dengan fitur mendalam untuk memperlebar, membentuk kemampuan synthesis JUNO-X menjadi lebih powerful.

Bring It All Together

Take full control of your JUNO-X world in precise detail. Modify sounds, organize sets lists, and grow your personal library by saving tones and Scenes directly to your computer.

Scene Builder

JUNO-X Scenes pack a lot power with tone layers, I-Arpeggio settings, effects, and more. With Scene Builder, you can easily customize and manage every element via a large, comprehensive interface.

Part Editor

Explore wide-ranging parameters for JUNO-X’s native ZEN-Core engine, onboard Models, and optional Model Expansions to personalize sounds for any performance need. The JUNO-X hardware and editor software work in complete harmony when connected, with real-time updates when any changes are made.

Get It at Roland Cloud

Download the JUNO-X Editor for free today through Roland Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland Cloud content.

Roland Cloud is also the home of Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Wave Expansions, and other premium content to take the JUNO-X experience to the next level.



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