VS-2400 System Update Version 1.504 (MAC - CD)

This is the latest update for the VS-2400 (CD, DVD). This is the CD-ROM update format. Please read the NOTE below, as well as the "readme.pdf" included in the download for the update instructions.
NOTE: The VS update file that you download and save to your computer from the link above is a stuffed (.sit) file (VS2400v1504CDm). The update files that are compressed into the stuffed file that you download will need to be extracted before you can burn them to a CD.
Stuffit Expander should automatically expand the file when you double-click on the downloaded file saved to your Macintosh hard drive. If it doesn’t, it probably means that you don’t have it installed, or you don’t have the correct version of Stuffit Expander. If you do not have Stuffit Expander installed, then you must download it, install it, and extract the VS2480V2504.IMG, VS2480V2504.nrg, and the VS2480V2504.iso files before you can complete the update procedure. You can get Stuffit Expander from the following link:
Stuffit Expander


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